Welcome to Hope & Mascara!

Hi! I’m Holly, the creator of Hope & Mascara. This page is intended to provide helpful tips and tricks, tutorials, reviews, articles, and more about makeup, skincare, baking, and life in general. As a disclaimer, please note that all material is intended for informational purposes only; please consult a physician or other medical professional before trying anything new. 🙂
I’m obsessed with natural-looking makeup. I believe in enhancing the good stuff rather than just covering up with a mask. I also enjoy tutorials on the basics of makeup and the things that nobody tells you, as it were. Efficiency and DIYs are my passion, so I love mixing together facials and other fun stuff from things I already have in the pantry, as well as finding multi-purpose products and beauty shortcuts. You’ll see a lot of that coming very, very soon!
I’m also a chronic stress-baker, and I love the science behind baking! Over the past year or so I’ve really gotten into it and really learned the proper way to bake as well as some awesome baking hacks. Making cookies can be incredibly therapeutic. However, beauty & baking aren’t my only addictions—I’m a sucker for good books, amazing music, and home decor hacks, so I’ll likely throw a bit of that in as well. And get ready for a boatload of life chats, too, because I know what it’s like to feel lost or frustrated or sad, and I know what has helped me find my way thus far. Prepare yourselves for posts on topics such as how to stop procrastinating, how to find motivation, and how to organize everything.
So here we are. In terms of hair and beauty, I’ll be focusing mainly on easy, light, natural makeup tutorials, what products work best and worst, debunking beauty (and product!) myths, basic beauty how-tos that nobody ever told us, how to enhance products you probably already own, and DIYs I’ve picked up along the way.
I’m looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts, ideas, and opinions! Feel free to comment below or email me at hopeandmascara@gmail.com. I’m always looking for ideas or extra tips to share, so let me know if you have any post topic requests!
With love,