Monday Makeup Haul—Neutrals and Cult Favourites!! :)

Hi all!

I’ve really been wanting to try out some new makeup products lately, especially some of the cult favourites. Soooo I finally treated myself to my first actual Sephora purchase ever (what?? Crazy, I know), and scooped up the Naked 2 Basics palette, Benefit They’re Real trial size mascara and the companion Push-Up Liner, both in black.

I also finally found the Real Techniques brush starter kit at Walmart! I’ve been searching for these for literally ever! 🙂

Additionally, I took a gander at Rexall because I read somewhere that they sell nyx products. I fell in love so hard with nyx when our local Target opened, but then Target pulled out of Canada and I panicked and hoarded as much nyx as I could during the closing sale but didn’t do proper research to know what faves I really should have picked up. So then I kept seeing “Top nyx products” pins on pinterest and felt so much FOMO. It was bad. Needless to say, I got really excited when I found the nyx aisle in Rexall. I bought the new dark circle concealer/corrector, the skinny black liner, and the jumbo lip pencil in Pecan, which is basically nude on me. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

ALSO The Body Shop went nuts and had one of their crazy sales again (woohoo!), so I was able to pick up their mineral powder foundation for $3. All they had were three tins of the one shade left. I took a gamble on it and GUESS WHAT KIDS, THAT’S MY SHADE. I basically died from sheer happiness.

Takeaway: I’m fairly easy to please.

Here’s a fun little instagram pic I arranged, because we all love those and I wanted to feel like one of those cool famous beauty bloggers:

Feelin’ fancy.

Anyway, down to the first impressions:

Real Techniques buffer brush: it’s super soft, even more so than my Sonia ones that I occasionally rave about to friends. The other brushes in the kit are the same in that sense. I often see these brushes in celebrity beauty bloggers’ instagrams or vlogs so I’m really looking forward to using these. I tried this with my Body Shop mineral powder foundation today and it looked almost airbrushed!! I’m super excited to try the rest of the brushes!

nyx Jumbo Lip Pencil in #719 Pecan: This lip pencil is so soft and buttery! I love the colour (it’s basically my nude lip colour to be honest). I love it with bold brows and minimal eye makeup. Very excited to use this in looks, coming soon 🙂

nyx Dark Circle Concealer/Correcter: This concealer is super orangey, which is supposed to cancel out the blue shadows under your eyes. I’ve tried it twice now and it’s done a bit for my ever-present hereditary dark circles, but it didn’t conceal them entirely. I think I might need a more yellow shade instead!

nyx Skinny Black Liner: This isn’t the most colour-intense liner I’ve seen, but it’s definitely smooth and easy to apply. I do like the skinny liner because it makes for a natural, barely-there, or buildable line. It’s perfect for tightlining. I’m looking forward to testing its staying power!

The Body Shop Mineral Powder Foundation: This isn’t really a first impression since I’ve been using this almost every day for about a year and a half, but hey: this is my absolute favourite sheer powder. It provides sheer, even coverage that smooths over blemishes. Combined with the Real Techniques brush, it looks almost airbrushed!! I love it!! The first time I bought it, it was on sale for $5, and I fell in love right away (I actually think this product might have been the kickstart to my love affair with the brand itself!). One tin has lasted me a year and a half now and I still have a bit left.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics eyeshadow palette: six soft, buttery, colour-rich, matte neutral shades? Count me in. I’ve been longing for this palette for a while!! I’m not as into the shimmer shades that come with the full size palette, and the price tag is a little large ($62 here!) so the basics with just the mattes for $34 was perfect for me. I love the colours and I’m very excited to try the looks I’ve been pinning for so long!

Benefit They’re Real trial-size mascara, black: The wand looks similar to the Flower by Drew Barrymore 3-in-1 mascara wand when it’s straight, which I love and use every day. Since buying this about a week ago, I’ve used it every day, and it’s honestly my new favourite! My lashes stay soft, curled, and not clumpy at all!

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner, black: This was suchhhh an impulse buy (I honestly probably have like twelve different black liners already), but I did want to try it out. So far it seems smooth, intense, and it doesn’t seem to move around, which is definitely a plus!

All in all: I feel very good about this neutral-themed haul and can’t wait to show you some looks created with these products. Stay tuned!

With love,