DIY: How to Make Bioré Pore Strips More Effective

I love love love the idea of pore strips, and ripping all the gunk out from my nose. When I first bought a pack of Bioré pore strips, I eagerly followed the instructions on the package and kept touching my nose and feeling the strip harden. I was so so so excited. I waited the full fifteen minutes (which was not easy!), and then ran to the mirror to peel it off and…

I could see a total of maybe three blackheads on the strip, and another three billion still on my nose.

K. Thanks, Bioré.

I was not impressed.

As with all products, I tried to not form an opinion on a single use, so I tried again, and again, and again. I went through almost the entire package in a week. Still nothing. What the heck?

With one strip left in the package, I found myself on a Pinterest witchhunt for anything that could make these dang strips live up to their reputation…..and I found it. Woohoo!

As it turns out, a quick baking soda soak (called a disincrustant solution) before you use the pore strip loosens all the grossness from your pores, so the strip adhesive can grab it and stick better. I originally found this method on YouTube via MichelleReneeBeauty.

I’ll give you the SparkNotes though: get about half a cup of very warm water (in between warm and hot…be careful, don’t use water that is hot enough to burn you!) in a small bowl and add some baking soda. Keep adding baking soda until it just stops dissolving when you stir it. That’s usually about half a tablespoon for me. Stir until it’s as dissolved as possible, then stick a cotton round pad in the solution. Squeeze excess solution out of the pad so that it’s still wet but not dripping. Stick it on your nose and leave it there for ten minutes or so. Resoak the cotton pad if it dries out.

After the ten minutes are up, take the pad off of your nose. Wet your nose with some more of the solution, then use the pore strip as directed.

If your face is like mine, the pore strip will be like a little forest when you take it off…so gross, but so satisfying! Once, my boyfriend found me in my room with a pore strip on, and I begged him to let me try one on his nose (his was worse than mine! Gotta love teenage acne that doesn’t go away). Now he’s hooked too.

I have heard that steaming your face before using a pore strip works as well, but I have not tried it myself. Additionally, the slower you take the strip off, the better—if you take it off too quickly, the glue adhesive stuff can stick to your face, not the strip, so no blackheads come out. 🙁

As always, please be careful with any new procedure, and ask a professional first. Best of luck!

With love,